MHN PAPUA…. MERAUKE October 11 year 2021. President Jokowi may be the first leader in Indonesia to gain a place in the hearts of the Papua people for development on the Earth of Cendrawasi.

This was statedy by the Regent of Merauke Romanus Mbaraka in a press Conference at the PON XX PAPUA Media Center building in the Merauke cluster. Thursday October 3 year 2021.

Regent Romanus revealed that the people are very proud of President Jokowi who has carried out various development breakthroughs in Papua, Including the tou districks in the southern region.

” We are proud and love Pak Jokowi he is one of the President’s who elevates the dignity of Indigenous PAPUANS though real development” said Romanus.

During Jokowi’s leadership, he said, development in the land of Papua showed Very Tangible results such as road Infrastructure, bridges, aiports, hospital, agriculture and other sectors.

” Although there are state – ments the are not pleasent to the President, for us it is not a representation of native Papuans it must be realistis to see what the President has done for seven years. As areal human beking, it must be recegnized he said.

Representing the people in sounthern Papua as well, Regen Romanus expressed his gratitude to Presiden Jokowi, who has visited Merauke.
Jokowi,s arrival brought development blesing to the local cummunity.

” Hnrially the trans road from Merauke to Tanah merah could take months it is already asphalted with concrete developments in other sectors are also very real” he said.

He addecl, during a worhing visit to Merauke on October 3 last, President Jokowi maugurated the Mopah Airport terminal, reviewed the Covid 19 vaccination activities maugurated the cross borden post in sita , and imaugurated the L B MOERDANI HOSPITAL.

On that accosion we ask for the President,s suport to help bulid the Merauke – MAPPI road, Kondo road, agricultural development Inchulding support for the south Papua Province. He was very responsive the added.

The Regent of Asmat, Elisa Kambu Made the same statement regarding Presiden Jokowi,s concern . H was revealed they the various development carried out in Asmat were full supported by the Presiden.

” Such as the construction of roads bridges telecommunications, airpots, hospital and others are fully supported by central government under the leadership of Mr. Jokowi. ” Said the number one person in Asmat.

Source. MHN PAPUA – By Mr. Frans. R.

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